Amputee Rehab

Pathways Therapy provides services for individuals with amputations. Treatment will be based on the individual’s needs and goals. Clients may be seen for pre-prosthetic rehabilitation, and for continued physiotherapy to address ongoing goals for prosthetic users. We also work with individuals who will not be receiving a prosthesis to maximize their independence. Pathways will collaborate with the client’s amputee team, including their prosthetist, as needed.

Physiotherapy Treatment for Amputees may include:

  • Development and progression of an exercise program to improve strength and range of motion in the lower limbs.
  • Core strengthening and upper body exercises as needed.
  • Transfer training with and without a prosthesis.
  • Mobility training without a prosthesis using a walker or crutches as appropriate.
  • Gait training with the prosthesis including progression of gait aids and addressing any problems with the client’s walking pattern.
  • Training on stairs and slopes.
  • Balance training
  • Desensitization activities and treatment of phantom pain.
  • Stump care including stump bandaging.
  • Education regarding appropriate use of the prosthesis such as donning and doffing, monitoring fit and sock management.

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