Speech Therapy for Kids

Our Speech Language Pathologists can work with you to determine if your child is having difficulty with speech and language issues, and could use speech therapy. A speech assessment can determine if your child is having more difficulty than expected for his/her age with:

  • Production of speech sounds (pronouncing words)
  • Understanding spoken language
  • Organizing and formulating spoken language
  • Organizing and formulating written language (If your child is struggling in school, this is an important piece to consider)
  • Speaking fluently (getting words out with appropriate speed and pace, such as help with stuttering)
  • Early literacy, understanding how sounds combine to make words (phonological awareness)

If you suspect that your child might be struggling with one of the above areas and would like some clarity around what is occurring for your child, we strongly recommend you consider a speech assessment.

A treatment program can be set up for any other of the issues listed above. We offer both direct speech therapy treatment with a registered Speech Language Pathologist and/or consultation to you (home program). We can also travel to see your child in-home or daycare (travel charges will apply).

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