PoNS Treatment

What Is PoNS Treatment?

PoNS Treatment (Portable Neuromodulation Stimulator) is a 14-week program, which combines both at-home and in-clinic treatment sessions, with use of the PoNS device, and is administered by a Certified PoNS trainer. It is intended for those who have had a brain injury, stroke or have been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. It is used in conjunction with physiotherapy! It is evidence-based, and studies have shown significant progress and change in clients who have used the PoNS device.

PoNS delivers gentle stimulation to the surface of the tongue to help enhance neuroplasticity, which may enable the restoration of function.

When paired with physiotherapy, it can help to improve ambulation, mobility and balance in those with mild or moderate brain injury, concussion, or multiple sclerosis.

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What Does This Treatment Program Look Like?

Following your initial consultation, you will participate in a series of assessments that will determine your baseline, and help to measure your progress throughout the 14 week program. The assessment will evaluate strength, mobility, gait, balance, speed and functioning.

During the initial 2 weeks, you will be working with your PoNS certified trainer on a daily basis. After this, your trainer will develop a home program tailored to you that will include: balance training, gait training, breathing and awareness training, and other rehabilitative exercises. From weeks 3-14, you will see your PoNS certified trainer on a weekly basis, and complete your home program daily, using the PoNS device. Adjustments to your home program will be made, as needed. Re-assessments will be performed at week 4, week 8 and week 14.


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