Gretta Unger-Peters

Registered Kinesiologist

Gretta graduated from the kinesiology program at the University of Waterloo in 1992. After a year of involvement in balance research at the University of Waterloo, she worked for thirteen years in both private and public sector rehabilitation settings, including organizations like the Neurologic Rehabilitation Institute of Ontario (NRIO), KW Neuro Rehab, and Participation House/Traverse Independence, where she gained extensive experience in neuro-motor rehabilitation and cognitive retraining, treating individuals with various neurological impairments, especially acquired brain injury and stroke.

Gretta then expanded her practice to include fitness for older adults at the Fairview Centre for Community Health and Wellness (Cambridge), Parkwood Health and Wellness Centre (Waterloo), and Winston Park Long-term Care (Kitchener), developing and monitoring exercise programs for aging adults with various health conditions.

Gretta loves to challenge herself and others to see the “possible in the impossible”. She finds helping people regain their mobility especially rewarding. She enjoys enabling others to achieve their goals and to live life to the fullest. Gretta continues to develop her rehabilitation skills and knowledge through ongoing education and is a Registered Kinesiologist with the College of Kinesiology of Ontario.

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