Paediatric & Infant Physiotherapy

Paediatric Physiotherapy focuses on improving movement, motor control, balance, strength, posture and range of motion.

We see children who are having difficulty meeting their motor milestones and for those with special needs.

Paediatric Physiotherapy includes:

  • Treatment for infants and toddlers to help reach developmental milestones
  • Improve physical function to allow your child to participate in activities with their peers
  • Improvement in gross motor skills
  • Engaging/fun kid-friendly environment
  • Treatment in schools or homes as appropriate
  • Variety of treatment options:
    • Age-appropriate gross motor games
    • Equine-Assisted Therapy Program
    • Sensory Room
    • Body-Weight Supported Treatment
    • Kinect Gaming System
    • Home programs and consultation with caregivers and families

Something that sets Pathways Therapy apart is the degree of experience we have with treating kids. We also have a fun and engaging environment set up for them at our clinic.  This means that we can help to provide therapy for your child, while also making it fun!

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